Insertion System

Using insertion device the coffin to be cremated  is respectfully transported into main chamber. Therefore in case of suitable arrangement of crematorium interior it is possible for the family of the deceased to be present during insetion in case of interest. Insertion system allows safe, exact and frugal positioning of the coffin (there is no increased wear as a result of friction with lining of hearth during insertion), ideal conditions for controlled cremation proces are secured by the perfect circulation of air all around the coffin. Other advantages are:

  • Minimum space requirements for the floor of the insertion room.
  • Easy and physically undemanding handling in the preparatory stage as well as insertion itself by one operator.
  • Insertion of coffins of various construction.
  • Practically undisturbed movement within the insertion room (arms in rest position are located in the room floor).
  • Coffin weighting appliance for determination of optimal cremation mode as a standard supply.
  • In case of step-by-step installation of several cremators,the rail track and its covers could be installed  in advance of the insertion cart delivery.
  • On special demand, a fully automated version of the insertion system available.


Technical Specification

Generally,  two versions depending on level configuration of the technology are available:

S-55 Type S-140 Type
Width 820 mm 820 mm
Height 985 mm 1865 mm
Standard length of the rail track 4400 mm 4400 mm
Height of the control panel 985 mm 1010 mm
Weight 355 kg 417 kg
Power supply TN-S 3/N/PE AC, 400 / 230 V, 50 Hz
Power input 0,37 kW 0,37 kW
Lifting power max. 300 kg 300 kg
Duration of insertion approx. 15 s approx. 15 s

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