Heat Retrieval System

To recover energy of waste gases from cremators, TABO-CS spol. s r.o. supplies several types of heat exchangers taillored to different operational conditions. Some types of exchangers can recover thermal energy of flue gases from up to two cremators made by TABO-CS spol. s r.o., if required also from cremators of other type. The device is equipped with an automatic computer controlled system.

STV 100, 170

120 kwl


Recuperator of multitube design, the warm-exchanging surface consists of 12 stainless steel pipes diam. 89/4.5 mm. Perpendicular piping is bulit-in 2 foreheads. Cylindrically shaped jacket is welded from iron sheet.

3 horizontal barriers rectify the water flow upright to piping. Water entrance and water outlet are situated on the jacket opposite to entrance and exit of flue gases.

Technical Specification

Contra flow as well as parallel flow installation are both possible.

Heat exchanger style: Convectional recuperator flue gases/water multitube style,contra flow or parallel flow mode
Model: STV-100 (STV-170)
Spatial arrangement: Vertical design, diameter max. 460 mm, height ca 900 mm (2 000 mm)
Pressure ratio: Constructional overpressure: 0,25 MPaNominal overpressure: 0,20 MPa
Flue gasas rate: 0,3 m3n/s
Flue gasas temperature: inlet     60°C                         outlet  84 °C
Water rate: 0,001 m3/s
Water temperature: inlet     60°C                     outlet  84 °C
Power: 100 kW (170 kW)
Water part resistance: cca 102 Pa

The heat exchanger should be mounted as a part of the cremator vertical off-take (in a by-pass).

LV(H) 38 Type

44 - LV38 - TP-Model

Novosibirsk 2


Heat exchanger of horizontal design, LV 38 m2 type (heat exchanger without additional burner) or LVH 38 m2 (heat exchanger equipped with the additional burner to be installed into flue gases intake duct or in a special chamber before the recuperator).




Ground dimmensions 1120 x 2676 mm
Foundation frame dimmensions 1120 x 2100 mm
Calculated weight 2442 kgs
Weight incl. water without insulation 4619 kg
Heating surface 38 m2
Constructional overpressure 0,30 MPa
Nominal overpressure 0,25 MPa
Trial overpressure 0,40 MPa
Power ( depending on flue gases temperature) up to 428 kW
Necessary draught in the chimney 120 Pa
Nonimal outlet water temperature 93 °C


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