Ash Processor (Cremulator)

ZUP-1-O Type

Cremated remains already cooled directly in the cremator are fine pulverised in the processing unit and automatically transferred to the urn. During transportation of remains from the cremator to the ash processor, no transfer of remains is necessary as the ash pan of the cremator is a milling pot too. The ash processing time being over, the ash dust from inside of processing unit is automatically exhausted.

  • One device placed outside the cremator itself allows treatment of ashes from more cremators independently on oven operation.
  • No impact on operation of the cremator.
  • Noiseless and dustfree operation.
  • Thanks to the advanced construction, the device meets strict requirements for ethics, hygiene and safety of work. As a standard it is equipped with the vacuum unit, thus avoiding any direct contact  of the operator with ashes processed or dust from it.
  • Before ash processing it is not necessary to separate possible small metal particles – possible rests of the coffin.
  • The urn support system creates a perfect seal between the urn and the processing cubicle.
  • Automatic stop of ash processing in case of opened door.
  • Temperature protection and fuse on motor drive mechanism agains overload.
  • Duration of ash processing cycle is adjustable.


Technical Specification

Processing Unit Vacuum Unit
Width 600 mm 600 mm
Depth 600 mm 600 mm
Height 1600 mm 800 mm
Weight, ash pan incl. 200 kg 45 kg
Power supply TN-S 3/N/PE AC, 400 / 230 V, 50 Hz
Power input 1.25 kW

Vacuum unit may be installed to the right or to the left of the processing unit and at the same time it serve as a preparatory area for putting down the urn.

The ash processor can be used for hygienic and respectful treatment of ashes also from other type of cremation equipment but only in condition the cremated remains are cooled down in advance of processing.

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