Ancillary Equipment for Crematoria

Appliance for monitoring of concentration of selected harmful substances in flue gases is supplied to cremators made by TABO-CS spol. s r.o. on special request of customers. The most frequently monitored harmful substance is the carbon monoxide as an indicator of perfect function of the after-combustion system. If required, the device can be extended for monitoring of other substances. The results obtained from analyses are stored in a memory unit and subsequently interpreted in the way as specified by the customer or the state supervisory authority.

Cool chamber systems and coffin manipulation equipment. The company TABO-CS spol. s r.o. supplies equipment for morgues, crematoria, hospitals, funeral services etc. The company offers machinery equipment for morgues, reconstructions of existing morgues as well as building of new ones. In addition, the company supplies trolleys and electrohydraulic lift trucks to handle with coffins.

Back-up power sources

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