Cremator TSM (TS)

Kremační pec TSM (TS)

Cremator KNP 05

Kremační pec KNP 05


 A TSM – type cremator is a packaged unit assembled in our production facility, transported to the customer as a whole. A TS – type cremator – assembly of the unit can be done at customer´s site if required.A  KNP 05 type cremator is assembled exclusively in our production facility followed by transpor-tation to the customer. Mounting time on cus-tomer´s site is shorter comparing the TSM version.
Option:  single or double ended cremator. (Single ended version means that the coffin insertion and the ash removal are provided from the same side of the cremator.)

Burner System and Combustible

Natural gas, pressure 8 – 10 kPaNatural gas, pressure 8 – 10 kPa
Main burner 300 kWMain burner 300 kW
Post-combustion burner 300 kWPost-combustion burner 350 kW
Total power of the burners 600 kWTotal power of the burners 650 kW
If requested, LPG or light oil burner system also available.

Electrical Characteristics

Power supply: TN-S 3/N/PE AC, 400 / 230 V, 50 Hz
Total electrical power input per cremator: ca 12 kW (depends on installation)
Installation with heat exchanger (heat exchanger fan + control system + cremator) ca 20.5 kW

Dimmensions and Weight

Width: 2 030 mmWidth: 2 420 mm
Height – insertion side: 3 210 mmHeight – insertion side: 3 240 mm
Height – service side: 2 330 mmHeight – service side: 2 450 mm
Length: 3 700 mmLength: 3 800 mm
Weight: 10 000 KgsWeight: 15 000 Kgs

Coffin dimmensions:

2 200 x 720 x 760 mm (incl. coffin feets if present)

Optional coffins up to  860 mm width.

Coffin dimmensions:

2 200 x 720 x 760 mm (incl. coffin feets if present)

Optional coffins up to  960 mm width.

Exclusive Cremation Process Course

Combustion products arising during cremation in the main chamber are exhausted through the side mixing chambers with supplies of secondary air to post-combustion chambers. In the presence of secondary and tertiary air a very efficient process of final combustion is secured and thus harmful substances are perfectly liquidated in compliance with requirements of environmental protection. The cremation process is controlled by the oven computer, the control of ecologically harmless combustion is secured by the oxygen probe in the post-combustion chamber and the opacity monitor placed in the chimney.

Duration of the Cremation

  • Cremation cycle itself about 70 min
  • Ash cooling 30 – 40 min (carried out during next cremation)
  • Ash processing 10 – 20 min (carried out in a separate device)

Capacity of the Cremation Equipment

Capacity depends on the mode of operation and local operational conditions of each crematorium.In general, the yearly capacity of one cremator can be calculated as follows:

  • 8 hours of operation a day, 5 working days a week: about 1 750 cremations
  • 16 hours of operation a day, 5 working days a week: about 3 500 cremations
  • 24 hours of operation a day, 5 working days a week: about 5 200 cremations

The reliability of the cremation equipment made by TABO-CS spol. s r.o. was proven in several crematoria during long-term continuous operation.

General concept principles of cremation equipment delivered:

  • Compact structure
  • Resistive and tight lining
  • Utilization of high quality heat-resistant materials and insulation
  • Systematic control during all stages of manufacturing and mounting according
    to ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • Configuration and equipment of technological space in compliance with requirements of ecological operation
  • Efficient control of the whole cremation proces via computer
  • Optimization of device capacity/lifetime ratio
  • Adaptability of control system able to answer possible customer´s requirements on options,  actual offer accordingly
  • Long-distance survey of cremation process parameters and its modification if necessary done by specialists of TABO-CS service centre
  • Controlled off-take of combustion products
  • Possibility to add ancillary technology (heat exchangers to retrieve thermal energy delivered to combustion products in order to secure ecological operation, and/or filtering equipment)
  • Safe and easy operation